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Whether your commercial roof needs repaired, restored, or replaced, Miller Roofing & Insulation has the right solution for you. Our team of experts are ready and waiting to help you discover and implement the perfect solution for your building.

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The life span of your commercial roof is directly effected by the quality of the roofing system. We don't compromise with quality, materials or workmanship. Our goal is a roofing solution that will last you for years to come. 

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At Miller Roofing & Insulation, we don't just believe in quality products, we believe in putting the customer first each and every time. We value your business, and will provide you with the customer service you deserve. 

Quality materials, quality craftmanship, and quality Service.

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Energy Star Certified Solutions! 


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Flat and Low Sloped Commercial Roofing

At Miller Commercial Roofing & Insulation, we believe that most flat & low sloped roof leaks occur at the seams or by roof penetrations. With that being said, instead of tearing off your roof and replacing it with rolls of Roofing and having seams, we buy our products in liquid form & actually manufacture a system right over your existing roof, resulting in a one piece, seamless membrane that's fit your roof perfectly including all roof penetrations. We also offer up to 18 Yr. Non Pro-Rated Warranties. Which means we cover 100 percent of any leaks for the full life of the warranty.

We uses Conklin Roofing Systems which have been applied to over 2 billion square feet of roofing throughout the United States since 1977. Conklin’s white roofs reflect the sun’s hot UV rays rather than absorbing them the way black roofs do. Conklin roofing systems & roof coatings have been proven to be energy efficient in some very intense situations and under some very intense scrutiny.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings - Elastomeric is an elastic coating which goes on as a liquid, then the acrylics dry to a seamless, bright clean and modern coating that prolongs the life of your roof.  It will expand and contract; in the summer heat, it will stretch. After dark, the membrane goes back to its original size. No cracks, leaks or bubbles.

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When it comes to roofing restoration, Pro Roof Solutions  has you covered. Our dedicated team specializes in Conklin Roofing Products; a trusted coating company for more than forty years that still delivers outstanding performance with each of their products. Our Conklin ENERGY STAR qualified products will start saving you money in no time.

Just a Few of the Roofing Solutions We Offer

  • Cool Roof Solutions
  • Commercial Roofing Repair
  • Commercial Roofing Restoration
  • Spray Foam System
  • Metal Roof Coating & Restoration
  • EPDM Coatings & Restoration
  • Fabric Reinforcement Systems
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